This is when your ASUS smartphone will be updated to stable Android 12



Got a ZenFone 8 smartphone and wondering when ASUS will show it some Android 12 love? Wonder no further because ASUS has revealed its Android 12 update roadmap which brings a stable build to the ZenFone 8 series as soon as December.

ASUS’s ZEN UI 8.0 custom overall will run on top of Android 12, bringing additional battery improvements and performance tweaks. ASUS said the following in a release:

“This update inherits the major functional changes introduced in the official version of Android 12, as well as continuing the popular ASUS battery- and performance-management features. For Zenfone models, it also includes ZenUI-specific changes that allow easier navigation, streamlined control panels, increased visibility for better control, and more customization options,”

As you can see from the list above, there aren’t many phones that ASUS plans to update to Android 12, at least initially.

  • From December 2021:
    • ASUS ZenFone 8
    • ASUS ZenFone 8 Flip
  • During Q1 2022:
    • ASUS ROG Phone 5
    • ASUS ROG Phone 5S
  • Sometime during H2 2022:
    • ASUS ZenFone 7
    • ASUS ROG Phone 3

It’s not all milk and honey though because it seems that the ZenFone 6 and ROG Phone 2 may not be invited to the Android 12 party.

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