The super-tall monitor designed for infinite scrolling


(Pocket-lint) – Do you ever get tired of scrolling endless social feeds? Well, with this wacky 8.8-inch portable monitor, in an extremely tall 7:32 aspect ratio, you might be scrolling a lot less!

It’s called the EK-MD088 from the Japanese brand Elsonic. The display has a 420 x 1920 pixel resolution and is designed to be used alongside a laptop. Images show it displaying Discord and Twitter feeds, but we can think of a fair few sites that could benefit from the form factor.

The device uses USB-C for power and mini HDMI for the video signal, which is a little strange when you might expect the USB-C to carry video too. It’s certainly got the look of a first-generation device that could use some refinements, but the idea is interesting enough that it could catch on.

The stand can supposedly be used in landscape mode too, it’s nice to have the option, but just what you would display on such a thin and wide display is another matter.

Elsonic’s description doesn’t go into the colour handling of the display but tells us that it’s got a standard 60Hz refresh rate and 300 nits brightness. On the side of the device, there are two buttons that let you toggle between six brightness settings.

Right now this seems to be a Japanese only release, due in early February 2022. It’s priced at 14,800 yen, which is about $130 excluding shipping. Will this weird skyscraper format become the next big thing in portable monitors? Only time will tell, probably not, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

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